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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Q4 Media Evaluation

Question 3. Evaluation

Q2 Media Evaluation

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

 I think that the effectiveness of the music video in combination with the digi-pak and poster work well together. The theme is consistent between them and furthermore they both represent the artist and her genre well.

I think the music video is effective in the way that it clearly explores the narrative and also presents a strong performance. In comparison with the digi-pak and poster which I feel also complies to the genre pop and its stereo-typical conformities such as the use of the colour pink and also the feminine typography, which would appeal to its female target audience. The portrayl of the artist on the digi-pak and also poster presents her in a voyeuristic way, therefore compliant with Laura Mulvey’s Male Gaze theory which means our artist is also appealing to the male audience, however in contrast due to having to change the artist in our music video I feel she is not presented in the same way as many of the camera shots focus solely on the artists face. If I was able to re-create the music video I would incorporate a variety of shots that would perhaps conform to Mulvey’s theory as this was I would gain a mass audience of both genders.
 The music video, digi-pak and poster combine effectively together as I feel they both present the youth and naivety of our artist. This is effective as in the music video we have portrayed a young girl in order to play Isabel Beau during her younger years and also a fairly young performer in order to play her when she was older. This goes in hand with the ancillary texts as although it is a different performer on these she still portrays that ideal of youthfulness due to her age. This also evident by the imagery of the rose which connotes youth and beauty also femininity and in addition to this the colour pink, again highlighting our artists youth and feminine nature.

In conclusion I think that both the ancillary texts and the music video are an effective combination as they are both a portrayal of the same representation, which is a young female artist who is perhaps just starting out. They both consistently address their target audiences and appeal to them. However if I was able to re-create them I would have liked to have kept the performer consistent throughout.


Q1 Media Evaluation

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Final Digi-Pak and Poster and Lyric Book

Monday, 23 March 2015

Feedback on Final Music Video

After showing the final finished music video to people outside of my media class I recieved various feedback. The most common being that although the preformer Jess does not conventionally for the comformities of a stereotypical pop star, this is one of the reasons that the audience liked it, because she wasn't what they was expecting to see and they enjoyed watching her preformance. 

Moreover many also agreed that her preformance got stronger and more enjoyable as the song goes on, this goes with what we wanted her preformance to come across. She is getting stronger as the song goes on.